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Other Products & Services

Our products and services do not end with Lifeline’s personal alarm service. We also supply a variety of telecare sensors for beds and chairs as well as fall and flood detectors - please see below for more details.


Alongside our sensors, we provide visiting support packages such as a daily phone call from a mobile warden and a co-ordinator available for 24-hour emergency call outs. 

Please talk to our Lifeline support officer to discuss these additional services and how we can tailor them to suit your individual needs.

other products and services


Over 8,000 older people fall every day in the UK. Tunstall’s falls detector can provide valuable peace of mind by automatically detecting serious falls and raising an alert to the 24 hour monitoring centre.

Smoke Detector


Fire poses one of the most serious threats to people at home and its effects are devastating. Every year fires in the home cause hundereds of deaths and damage many thousands of homes. Homes equipped with smoke detectors continue to discover fires more rapidly than those without, and are associated with lower casualty rates and less damage.

On detection of smoke, the detector will raise two alarms. Firstly a local audible alarm and secondly an alert will be sent to the homecare unit. This will immediately call the 24 hour monitoring centre who, in turn, will alert your key holders or the emergency services.

Pressure Mat


The pressure mat monitors movement in a specific area, for example to monitor if someone has got out of bed.

It can be used in the following ways:

  • INACTIVITY – discreetly monitors a user’s movements, e.g. placed under carpets and raises an alarm if no activity has been detected.
  • ACTIVITY – monitors for activity as part of the intruder functionality available on Lifeline homecare units.
    The pressure mat is ideal for those who live in a property at risk from intrusion and those who are susceptible to a fall.
Epilepsy Sensor


The epileptic seizure alarm is a sensor that monitors a person with epilepsy while they sleep. Sensor technology detects all of a persons movement in bed and is able to differentiate normal moevements from epileptic seizures.

The sensor will benefit those with epilepsy who are concerned about having seizures over night. It does not have weight restrictions and is therefore suitable for children as well as adults.

Bed/Chair occupancy Sensor


The bed/chair occupancy sensor is designed to automatically raise an alarm call if a user:

  • has not gone to bed by the predetermined time
  • has not got out of bed by the predetermined time
  • gets out of bed during the night and does not return within the predetermined time period

The sensor is ideal for individuals who are elderly, frail or disabled, or those who have recently been discharged from hospital and require additional support.

CO Detector


Carbon Monoxide Detector (wireless) - warns of dangerous CO levels providing unrivalled levels of accuracy and reliability.

Flood Detector


A blocked sink, toilet, or taps being left on unattended could quickly lead to a flood, causing damage to carpets, decorations and electrical equipment with potentially dangerous consequences. The after effects of a flood could not only result in extensive repair costs and increased insurance premium but also long term damage to health particularly in the winter months.

The flood detector provides added reassurance to any homeowner or resident, giving extra protection to individuals who are likely to be at risk from leaving taps turned on.

Gas Detector


Provides an early warning of dangerous levels of gas. Can be linked to the Gas Shut Off Valve to automatically cut the gas supply off, if a leak is detected.

Gas Shut Off Valve


When combined with the natural gas detector, this solution automatically cuts off the gas supply to an appliance when a leak is detected.

Please note - the gas shut off valve requires installation by a Gas Safe registered gas fitter.

Intruder Detector


When an intruder is detected, an alarm call is made to the 24 hour monitoring centre (silently if required), in turn, immediately contacting a key holder or the emergency services.

It can also be used to detect inactivity so that if movement has not been detected within the home over a predetermined time period, an alarm will be raised to the response centre.

Medication Dispenser

Medication Dispenser

The Tunstall Medication Dispenser is an easy to use tablet dispenser. It makes managing medication simple and reduces the risk of errors.

Once set up with doses and times it allows the user to take their medication within a set time frame and it can also act as a reminder if needed. If the user does not access their medication within the set time frame, an alert is raised via the Homecare unit.

It is suitable for users of all ages as it removes the burden of remembering which tablets to take when, from their carers.

Extreme Temperature Sensor


Monitors for low and high temperature extremes in addition to the rate of rise in temperature. Helps minimise the risks associated with changes in temperature including the build up of heat in a kitchen and the risk of sustained periods of cold weather.